The Use Of Force

Sometimes it feels as if there is no energy within us and all that we are is a defeated human without purpose, direction, desire or motivation. Life has pummeled us with her punches and there is nothing left. Curling up in the corner and admitting defeat seems to be the smart decision. Giving up will save us from further pain. Depression and anxiety can corner a person just as quickly as a good right hook. And all a person wants to do is retreat, curl in, and avoid the boxing ring of life. It sounds like a great plan doesn’t it? But it’s the worst thing you can do.

Depression is all about being beaten down. By life, by the critical inner voice in your mind, by an abusive boss, by the pain in your body or the negative thoughts that course through your mind. Retreating into your corner of the ring is helpful for a short bit, but only in terms of creating a plan of action to come out fighting again. And part of the plan to come out fighting is to use… the use of force. You are fighting a mental game against your own head. You will not feel like doing anything, you will not want to do anything, your opponent has beaten you almost senseless and the first thing you have to learn is to IGNORE what you feel like doing, and FORCE yourself to do what your heart and soul knows you need to do for yourself. You need to ignore the vicious inner opponent of your mind and act against it. Or…lovingly embrace it, give it a hug, and then say “Sorry, but screw you. I am taking a different path.” Because going with the path of a depressed or anxious mind leads you further into the swampland of mire that those two critters can create. The first step out of there is to accept where you are, to acknowledge their voices, and then to take a step back and listen to your own internal quiet voice, forcing yourself back into the ring with your plan of defeat. Get yourself a good coach. They’ll help you create a plan, visualize it, and put it into action, all while motivatinig you and making you accountable for doing what you need to do to rise up with the momentum and force you need.

May the force be with you. Lisa

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