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Providing people with products that will help them move toward a more centered, inspired and fulfilling life.

My belief is that when we are happy, healthy and inspired we then act in ways that nourishing our universe, and in turn, our universe nourishes us; we take part in kind acts, spread positive energy and we engage in actions that promote peace, happiness and well-being for others and for our planet. Everyone wins.

– Lisa

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Proceeds from the NOU store are directed three ways -toward the creators of these amazing items, toward Citadel Canine Society and toward the development of an eco friendly retreat center for healing and well-being.


The mission of Citadel Canine Society is two-fold: it strives to make the lives of our new veterans and first responders better, and it aims to reduce occupational stress that might have resulted from their service.

The careful selection and professional training of service dogs of the highest quality and temperament, that will in turn be employed to support the therapy and rehabilitation programs for new Military Veterans and first responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance and 911) dealing with personal Post Traumatic or Occupational Stress challenges, and for civilian recipients in select circumstances.

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